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Motocicleta eléctrica Citycoco 1000W carga máxima 200kg con OEM

  • Leon is a top-of-the-line Citycoco Electric Motorcycle, providing an ideal transportation solution for urbanites with motor power options ranging from 1000W to 3000W, and max speed of 65km/h.
  • It has a 60V Lithium Battery charging in 5-6 hrs, offering a range of 35-60km, 95 N/M torque and 200 kg load capacity.
  • Its 18*8 inch off-road tires allow tackling rougher terrain and its hydraulic pressure disc brakes ensure superior control at high speeds.
  • Its steel construction is designed for rugged city life, with color options including black, white, green, red, brown and yellow.


El Citycoco Electric Motorcycle is a top-of-the-line transportation solution for the savvy urbanite. With impressive motor power options of 1000W, 1500W, 2000W y 3000W, this electric motorcycle can achieve maximum speeds of up to 65km/h, depending on the chosen model.


At the heart of the Citycoco is a powerful 60V Lithium Battery available in 12AH, 20AH, or 25AH options that can be updated into dual batteries. With a charging time of only 5-6 hours, you’ll be back on the road quickly. The vehicle’s maximum range varies between 35-60 km, making it perfect for long commutes around the city.

Load capacity:

The Citycoco Electric Motorcycle boasts a maximum load capacity of 200kg, making it perfect for carrying groceries, work equipment, or even a passenger. The maximum torque of 95N/M ensures a speedy ride, while the ability to climb easily at a gradient of 30° highlights the superior performance of this electric motorcycle.

Equipped with hydraulic pressure disc brakes, safety is never compromised, allowing full control even when travelling at high speeds. The steel construction of the vehicle ensures it can withstand the daily rigours of city life, while the off-road option of 18*8 inch tires adds versatility to tackle rougher terrain if required.

The Citycoco Electric Motorcycle comes in various colours, including black, white, green, red, brown, and yellow, providing various customization options. The product dimensions measure 125*75*175cm, with a seat height of 70cm, and weigh 72kg/62kg (G.W./N.W.).

Con un garantía de un año included, you can rest assured that your investment is protected. The Citycoco Electric Motorcycle requires minimal maintenance, ensuring it remains an effortless transportation solution for daily use.

Accepted for Servicios OEM, the vehicle can be customized to meet your specific requirements. Shipping is available for 45pcs/108pcs in a 20GP/40HQ shipping container. The Citycoco Electric Motorcycle is certified CE/LVD/EMC/CEE (optional), making it the perfect choice for those seeking a cutting-edge electric transportation solution.

Fuerza de motor1000W/1500W/2000W/3000W
Tiempo de carga5-6 HORAS
Batería60V12AH,20AH, 25AH, batería de litio (se puede actualizar a baterías duales)
Rango máximo35-60KM
carga maxima200 kg
máxima velocidad35 kilómetros por hora, 45 kilómetros por hora, 60 kilómetros por hora, 65 kilómetros por hora
Tuerca maxima95N/M
Capacidad máxima de ascenso30°
Tamaño de llanta¿18*8 pulgadas? (todoterreno disponible £ ©/ 10 pulgadas/12 pulgadas
Modo de frenoFreno de disco de presión hidráulica
ColorEtc negro, blanco, verde, rojo, marrón, amarillo
GW/NO72 kg / 62 kg
Tamaño del producto125*75*175 CM
Tamaño del cartón183*38*88CM/caja
Altura del asiento70CM
Garantía1 año
Servicio OEMAceptado
20GP/40HQ45 piezas/108 piezas
CertificaciónCE/LVD/EMC/CEE (opcional)

Motocicleta eléctrica Citycoco 1000W carga máxima 200kg con OEM

Motocicleta eléctrica Citycoco 1000W carga máxima 200kg con OEM

Motocicleta eléctrica Citycoco 1000W carga máxima 200kg con OEM

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