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Citycoco 1500w 60v doble batería de litio 20ah motocicleta eléctrica para adultos

Introducing Citycoco’s 1500w 60v double 20ah lithium battery adult electric motorcycle. This is the ultimate combination of power and convenience within one electric scooter. Equipped with a 1500-watt motor, this electric motorcycle can reach speeds of up to 45km/h and can travel close to 60 kilometers distance on a single charge. Advanced lithium batteries deliver long-lasting performance and dependable safety features that ensure riders feel safe during their trips. Get your ideal ride today with our top-of-the-line Citycoco 1500w 60v double 20ah lithium battery electric motorcycle!

Below are the characteristics of the product:

Motor potente:

It is equipped with a powerful 1500W brushless motor that delivers high speed and performance.

Batería de larga duración:

It is equipped with a 60V double 20AH lithium battery that provides a long range of up to 35-80km per charge.

Construcción de alta calidad:

Construido con materiales de alta calidad que garantizan durabilidad y longevidad.

Comfortable saddle:

Features a comfortable and ergonomic saddle that provides enough room for an adult rider.

Attractive Design: Features a beautiful, sleek design that will turn heads when riding.

Large Tires:

Comes with oversized tires that provide a smooth and stable ride.

Sistema de frenos de disco doble:

It is equipped with a dual-disc brake system that provides efficient and effective stopping power.


Available in different colors, some models can be customized to a customer’s preference.

LED Headlights:

It comes with LED headlights that provide illumination while riding at night.

Easy to Maneuver:

Lightweight and easy to maneuver in tight spaces and low-speed traffic.

Tabla de parámetros del producto:

Fuerza de motor1500W(CEE)/2000W
Tiempo de carga5-6 HORAS
BateríaBatería de litio 60V12AH/ 60Vdouble 12AH/ 60V20AH/60Vdouble 20AH
Rango máximo35-80KM
carga maxima200 kg
máxima velocidad45 kilómetros por hora, 55 kilómetros por hora
Tuerca maxima95N/M
Capacidad máxima de ascenso30°
Tamaño de llanta18*8 pulgadas
Modo de frenoFreno de disco de presión hidráulica
ColorEtc negro, blanco, verde, rojo, marrón, amarillo
GW/NO70 kg / 60 kg
Tamaño del producto185*76*125CM
Tamaño del cartón182*38*87CM/caja
Altura del asiento70CM
Garantía1 año
Servicio OEMAceptado
20GP/40HQ45 piezas/108 piezas

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The following are product FAQs

1. Are any additional accessories available for this product, such as storage options or phone holders?

  • Popular accessories include rear storage boxes, front baskets, phone holders, and saddlebags.
  • Rear storage boxes are suitable for carrying groceries, backpacks, and other items, while front baskets are ideal for smaller items.
  • Phone holders enable riders to use their phones while riding safely, and saddlebags offer additional storage space.
  • Ensure compatibility of any additional accessory with the Citycoco 1500W electric motorcycle and refer to the manufacturer’s guidelines when applicable.

2. Does the electric motorcycle have an adjustable speed limit and other safety features?

  • Offers a safe and comfortable ride with an adjustable speed limit.
  • They are equipped with front and rear disc brakes for efficient and reliable stopping power.
  • Large tires offer excellent traction and stability in different terrains.
  • LED headlights provide visibility while riding at night.
  • Additional features include turn signals and a horn for added safety and convenience.

3. How long does it take to charge the battery, and does it come with a charger?

  • The Citycoco 1500W electric motorcycle includes a charger for charging the battery.
  • Charging time varies depending on the model but typically takes 5-8 hours.
  • Following the manufacturer’s instructions is essential for the optimal performance and longevity of the battery.
  • The battery must be charged after each use and should not be left in a discharged state for long periods.

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