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Citycoco 3000W Electric Scooter 75km/H Adult Electric Motorcycle

The Citycoco 3000W Electric Scooter 75km/H Adult Electric Motorcycle is an excellent option for riders seeking an electric scooter for speed, power, and performance. The electric scooter’s impressive range, powerful motor, and durable build make it perfect for daily commutes and weekend adventures. With its thick and fat tires and advanced suspension system, the electric scooter offers an incredibly comfortable and stable ride even on rough terrains.

Key Features:

  • Long battery life with dual 60V, 20Ah batteries
  • Powerful 3000W motor for top speeds of up to 75km/h
  • Thick and fat tires for stability and durability on various terrains
  • Robust suspension system for an incredibly comfortable ride
  • Hydraulic disc brakes for reliable stopping power
  • Front and rear LED lights for visibility and safety during low-light conditions

Parametros del producto:

Fuerza de motor2000W/3000W
Tiempo de carga5-6 HORAS
BateríaBatería de litio 60V12AH/ 60Vdouble 12AH/ 60V20AH/60Vdouble 20AH
Rango máximo35-80KM
carga maxima200 kg
máxima velocidad45 kilómetros por hora, 55 kilómetros por hora, 75 kilómetros por hora
Tuerca maxima95N/M
Capacidad máxima de ascenso30°
Tamaño de llanta10 pulgadas/12 pulgadas
Modo de frenoFreno de disco de presión hidráulica
ColorEtc negro, blanco, verde, rojo, marrón, amarillo
GW/NO85 kg / 75 kg
Tamaño del producto185*76*125CM
Tamaño del cartón182*38*87CM/caja
Altura del asiento70CM
Garantía1 año
Servicio OEMAceptado
20GP/40HQ45 piezas/108 piezas

Imagen detallada:

Imagen detallada

Preguntas frecuentes:

Q1: What is the maximum speed of this electric scooter?
Answer: The Citycoco 3000W Electric Scooter can reach a maximum speed of 75km/h, making it ideal for people who want a fast and efficient means of transportation.

Q2:What is the maximum range of this electric motorcycle?
The Citycoco 3000W Electric Scooter has a maximum range of 80km per charge, which makes it ideal for city commuting.

Q3:What type of battery does this electric scooter use?
The Citycoco 3000W Electric Scooter uses a 60V double 20AH Lithium Battery battery, which provides long-lasting power for extended usage.

Q4:What is the weight capacity of this electric motorcycle?
The Citycoco 3000W Electric Scooter can support up to 200kg, making it perfect for carrying adults and multiple passengers.

Q5:What safety features does this electric scooter have?
The Citycoco 3000W Electric Scooter includes a front and rear mechanical brake system, LED lights for improved visibility, an anti-theft alarm system, and a horn. Additionally, the scooter’s wide tires provide improved stability and traction while riding.

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